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Project Description

DIRGeometry is a C# based directional geometry, simple and easy to use library. DIRGeometry provide implementation of line and circle along with basic geometry elements like vector, angle and point. Both line and circle are directed. The core of the library are intersection and tangent classes used for calculating intersection points, tangent lines and tangent circles with many possible variations.


The project is still at the developing stage without many testing.


  • Classes: Vector, Point, Angle, Line, Intersection, QuadraticSolving
  • Not in depth unit testing for: Vector, Point, Angle, Line, Intersection, QuadraticSolving
  • Bigger part of in comment documetation
  • Half of Tangent Class

Not finished:

  • Documetation
  • Tangent and Circle Class
  • Better English editing
  • In depth testing

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